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If another company tells you a job is "unrecoverable", it is time to get your device back and call the pros.  And most importantly, do not lose hope.

We relish the opportunity to prove the lesser companies wrong and we can virtually guarantee you that not only is it not something we haven't seen before but we have likely recovered data in the exact scenario you're experiencing. 

Difficult jobs require lots of labor and the time of your best recovery specialists so even the very few places that have the capability and know-how to do the work, see it as unprofitable since they can complete dozens of easy jobs in the time your job would take.  Call us crazy but we strive to be the best at what we do and love challenges. 

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You came to the right place!


Our Technicians have performed thousands of recoveries on virtually every type of device around.  Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, we can handle the task.   We have seen every issue many times over again from every brand and device, whether it's a small office single drive server or an Enterprise Level SAN with dozens of off-sets and parameters totaling petabytes of data. Rest assured, we will get it done.  Literally no job is too big nor small for that matter

Industry Leading 98% Success Rate

World Class Facilities and Equipment

ISO Certified Class 100 Clean-Room

Engineers With Decades of Experience

Dedicated Case Managers

Free Diagnostic Evaluation

Any Device. Any Failure. Any Location


We find that honesty and transparency are key to providing the credence that meets our client's expectations and needs.  We understand fully that your data is immensely critical to your business and livelihood.  Therefore we feel a true sense of duty in holding guardianship over your data and hardware in this stressful time of uncertainly.  Trust and security go hand in hand.

You have our word and our commitment that we will treat your case as if it were our own and we will do everything possible to get you back everything you need.  It is our honor to provide you with the latest and greatest methods of recovery in the world today. The situation you are in upon contacting us likely has very real implications in life and/or business, so we understand the weight of choosing the right data recovery service.  So take a deep breath, you can be confident that you have come to the right place!

We are the trusted experts of IT Professionals and System Administrators at Fortune 500 companies nationwide.  If you are not satisfied then neither are we.

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Knowledge & Know-how

world class data recovery facility

World-class facilities

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with integrity

You will always get honest knowledgeable answers anytime you speak with one of our Case Managers or Technicians.  We take great pride in training our staff so they are equipped to confidently provide you with the service you deserve and the answers you need.

We employ people who love to help other human beings, so you will be treated with compassion and understanding when contacting us from start to finish and the whole way in between.

Synergy Data Recovery values integrity and considers it a core pillar in our culture and foundation along with knowledge and empathy.  You will always be treated with care, compassion and respect no matter the situation you have found yourself in.  And it is not uncommon for our Executive level staff to check in with customers to make sure they are getting everything they need.



For IT Departments and System Administrators

Silicon Valley to Wall-Street and everything in-between.

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"Synergy Data Recovery saved my business, point blank.  I am still taken aback by their knowledge and quick turnaround to get me back up and running when our SQL server crashed.  They had answers and results within hours"


Carl Schultz
VP of Operations at Jonus Group
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