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Legacy tape still plays a critical role in many large corporations cold storage backups.

  • SLR

  • SAIT

  • DAT

  • VXA

We offer recovery services for all the major magnetic tape storage types, including:

  • LTO

  • DLT

  • AIT

  • QIC

Whether it be a system failure or you are just looking to migrate your tape data to new systems and/or technologies, then we have you covered and can help.

dlt digital linear tape recovery
failed tape storage recovery

Common Tape Failures

Tape is durable, fast and high capacity.  Nonetheless, tape and its systems can suffer the same faults as other magnetic based media.

  • Physical damage

  • Back up failures

  • Water damage

  • Overwritten tapes

  • Smoke or chemical damage

  • Intentionally damaged tapes

  • Snapped tape reel

  • Corrupt or partially readable

Whatever the issue, we can help.  We have the equipment, tools, training and know-how to recover or migrate tape data in virtually any scenario.

tape data recovery

Internal Tape Recovery procedures are not recommended.

Attempting tape recovery internally at your business almost always turns a bad situation worse. 

Tape recovery should never be attempted by anyone other than a proven trained professional who has extensive training in magnetic tape recovery. It is a mistake that could not only make the job far more costly and complex but in some cases, make your data permanently inaccessible. 



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