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cctv dvr data recovery

CCTV DVR Recovery

security system video recovery

DVRs can fail the same as any other storage medium.

DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) use hard drives to store data much like desktop computers.  However, while the physical storage medium is quite similar — the format, OS and filesystems are not.

Most DVRs use proprietary interfaces and filesystems which makes their recovery more complex.  Even in minor cases where cloning a drive is possible, it will do you no good unless you have an identical DVR to plug it in on to read and view the data. Therefore in most cases, it is a two pronged problem since you not only have to overcome the failure in of itself but also convert the data into a usable format for you the client to read and access.

cctv dvr data recovery

Choosing the right provider for assistance with DVR data recovery is paramount.

Make sure whoever you contact has experience and the capabilities to complete the job the way that you need.  You don't want to be left spending a substantial amount of money — only to have data you can't read or access in an usable form.

Whether you need the footage for litigation, a police matter or simply to stay in compliance with a backlog requirement, we can help and do the job the way you need.



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