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SQL is the most common programming language for databases on Earth.  It is used by companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes.  Our engineers have significant experience with SQL and other popular variants, and we can quickly restore damaged databases to limit your organization's downtime after a data loss disaster.

Should an SQL server fail, it is likely to be due to one or more of the following:

  • The storage media – whether a hard disk, SAN, NAS etc. – has failed in some capacity, usually physical or logical in nature.

  • The file system failed, resulting in part or all associated data being rendered unreadable.

  • Data being accidentally deleted or migrated.

  • Errors during replication. 

  • A fault with the server’s hardware.

  • The relevant data having become corrupted.

  • Dropped or lost tables.

No matter what the underlying issue is that caused your situation, we can figure out what happened and how to fix it in our completely free diagnostic evaluation made available to you.

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Here at Synergy Data Recovery, we see SQL cases on an everyday basis.  As with most of our services, we offer a 100% risk-free diagnostic evaluation in order to find the exact cause of data loss and how to restore it. During our diagnostic process, we create a case-specific plan for the best possible chances of a fast, successful recovery.

If your system has sustained physical damage, our engineers can repair damaged hard drives and RAID components in our Certified ISO Class 100 Clean-room, a specialized environment that protects hard drives, solid-state drives and other devices' sensitive components from outside elements.

If your problem is logical in nature, our engineers can run advanced diagnostics on the hardware involved in which the databases are stored.  We can go through and inspect each file on a sector by sector basis using advanced equipment and custom tailored software we have created.  Initially we will make an image of the affected volumes and work from the copy to restore normal access to your corrupt or logically damaged SQL database. We have extensive experience with all SQL implementations and have therefore invested heavily in the  development of a number of proprietary tools to allow for high success rates across all platforms and media types.

sql database recovery


If you cannot access a damaged SQL database for any reason, you should disconnect power to the affected device to preserve your system in its original condition. Do not attempt to repair corrupt SQL databases. Never try to rebuild, restore or resync a damaged RAID array in any case, especially if you hear or see symptoms of possible physical hardware damage. Keep it powered down and contact us immediately.  In almost every case that a customer or internal IT department tries to fix the issue internally, it can cause further damage and even make the data permanently inaccessible in some cases.

This is why we offer a free consultation and diagnostic evaluation for these very situations.  Your dedicated Case Manager can pass on the diagnostic report and the lab's detailed plan of action to restore your data with a fixed price quote and estimated turnaround times within 24 hours of receiving your media.

We understand how a lost SQL database can affect your business. Our 24/7/365 services provide the fastest turnaround for SQL data recovery in the industry. Whether you need a single MDF file from a damaged hard drive or multiple lost volumes loaded with SQL databases from a large RAID server, we will get the job done at the lowest possible cost at the turnaround desired.  This is what we do and we will make sure business interruption is kept to the absolute minimum and usually eliminated completely.

We work with a multitude of different databases and have specialists whose sole task is recovering and repairing databases.

We know how critical databases are to your daily operations and keeping your end-users on the same page, which is why we have a specialized team dedicated to knowing every database available on the market today.  We can recover and repair virtually every databases around, including:

  • SQL Server

  • MySQL

  • Oracle

  • Exchange

  • SharePoint

  • FileMaker

  • Lotus Notes

  • Sybase

  • Alfresco

  • Interbase

  • Paradox

  • And many others

Whatever Database you are needing restored whether it be relational or otherwise, we have you covered. 

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