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Failed RAID or Server?

If you need to recover data from a RAID array (SAN, NAS, Server, etc.), then you have come to the best possible place.  We specialize and invest heavily in RAID and Server Recovery skills, equipment and personnel.   We are the top choice of IT professionals, System Administrators and Business Continuity Departments nationwide.  Whether it is a small NAS storage unit or multiple custom Enterprise Level systems with petabytes of data — we have you covered.  Call us now for a free consultation with one of our RAID Specialists!

We understand that people looking to recover data from RAID arrays are likely to be extremely focused on getting their data back as quickly as possible. That is why we offer the following:

  • Talk to an engineer that will recover your data up-front before you proceed.

  • An appropriately qualified server/RAID specialist will call you within 15 minutes of inquiry.

  • On-site data recovery is available in some cases. 

  • Diagnostic evaluation performed within minutes of arrival to our facility to get you answers fast. 

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Service available.

  • Turnaround times can be as little as under 24 hours so you can get back to business.

The industry leader in cutting-edge data recovery methods and technology.

Synergy Data Recovery's mission is to make sure we maximize our clients’ chances of recovering their most important data, regardless of the cause of problem, or the type of media device involved.

For this reason, we have developed cutting-edge proprietary recovery methods through extensive research and development.  We are passionate about data recovery and we are proud to be the industry leader setting the standard in this realm. Our experienced RAID Recovery Team contains industry–leading experts across all of the specialized fields required in a world-class data recovery lab.  Those facilities along with our ISO-5 Certified Class 100 Clean-room are the envy of the majority of our competitors, who have to operate in lower spec facilities.



RAID technology is specifically designed to mitigate against the risk of data loss and this can often lead to an understandable, but sadly false sense of security. Any of the following can lead to a loss of data, which can be disastrous if the system or server in question is running critical services such as Exchange, SQL or virtual machines.

  • Power surge

  • RAID partition(s) missing.

  • Accidental deletion of data or reformatting.

  • Multiple disk failure leading to loss of RAID volume.

  • RAID enclosure failure.

  • Stale and degraded members.

  • Malfunctioning Controller.

  • Failed rebuild or re-sync.

  • Virus, encryption or Ransomware.

  • RAID configuration settings lost.

​Whatever the issue, we can recover your data from all of the different RAID configurations. See below to see some of the RAID configurations we have extensive recovery experience with:

  • RAID 0

  • RAID 1

  • RAID 5

  • RAID 6

  • RAID 10  (1+0)

  • RAID 50

  • RAID 60

  • RAID 1E

We also have experience with proprietary RAID systems such as Apple Xserve (RAID X) and SoftRAID among every other configuration available in the market today.  No matter how many different offsets and parameters your system has, we have the Specialists to get the job done. Period.

Common Causes of RAID Failure

Failed RAID Controller

Many RAID servers have a single controller that handles all of the array’s options. If it fails, this may stop the array from booting and can cause the logical quantity to disappear.

Power Surge

Power surges often lead to a failure of the RAID controller amongst many other issues which usually results in a total loss of data. They can also lead to corruption of the RAID configuration setting in the controller card.

Unplanned reconfiguration

This happens more often than you’d expect – with similar results to a failed rebuild.  Stuff happens... and that is why we are here.  We will get it sorted and have you back up and running in no time.

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Server crash

When the host server crashes, it often makes the array inaccessible and snowballs into other issues. Whatever caused the crash, we will find out in the free diagnostic evaluation.

Multiple disk failure

Most arrays are designed to cope with the failure of an HDD outside of RAID 0. While waiting for a replacement, the array is running on degraded mode and the probability of the next drive failing and disabling the RAID volume is extremely high.

Failed rebuild of RAID volume

If the correct procedures are not followed exactly when rebuilding a RAID volume, this can result in a wrong or partial rebuild or a complete system breakdown when the rebuild is completed.  

RAID partition missing

Partition disks can occasionally become corrupt or go missing and cause whole partitions to disappear and/or become unusable losing functionality.

Malicious attack

Unfortunately, we are seeing more Ransomware attacks than ever recently.   Do not pay nor attempt to negotiate with your attacker prior to knowing all of your options and speaking with one of our Ransomware Specialists. 

In addition to the above RAID-specific issues, RAID arrays can suffer from many of the same data recovery issues as standard hard disks; e.g. logical problems, firmware issues and accidental deletion of data.  Whatever happened, we will solve it and restore your data to get you back to business.


Stop what you're doing...

If at all possible, further use of any RAID system should be avoided after a problem has been detected in order to prevent any further damage and data loss occurring before our experts get the opportunity to examine the system.   Attempting internal IT or manufacturer diagnostics can and will cause further damage in most cases.   Even in cases that this has already occurred or you have been told by a 'so called expert' that it resulted in permanent data loss, do not fret and contact us immediately so we can prove them wrong!

RAID’s built-in fault tolerance functionality has an unfortunate tendency to instill users with a false sense of security.  To make matters worse, back-ups are often out of date or non-existent which results in any failure having disastrous consequences.  Even if you believe only one disk has failed, it is very likely one of the remaining members is stale and you will not be able to restore ALL of your data yourself. 

Recovering data in these situations is a particular specialty of Synergy Data Recovery and one we take great pride in.  So please contact us immediately to find out more about how we might help you recover data from a failed RAID array.



It is no mistake that we are the top choice of the largest corporations in the world when it  comes to recovering data from complex enterprise level platforms.

We have recovered data in virtually every scenario thrown at us and have not come across a custom setup yet that we can not recover data from.  When you contact us, it means that the worst case scenario has already happened and your next steps could determine the future of your business as it stands today, which is exactly why you need to make sure you find a lab equipped for the task.

Your knowledge and understanding of your hardware and the data you seek is invaluable and we will always keep a clear line of communication with you or your department whether you are the CTO of a Fortune 500 company or an outsourced IT Firm that has been designated as the point of contact for the matter.  You will never be kept in the dark and we will work diligently morning, noon and night to retrieve the data as quickly as desired to get you back up and running.  Need to talk to an Engineer from our Lab to make sure nothing you say is lost in translation? NO PROBLEM!

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We offer 24/7 Emergency Service because disaster usually doesn't strike when it's convenient and mother nature nor failures care about business hours.

Timely recovery of your critical applications and data is what we do.  Business and operations wait for no one and it is our goal to see you not get left behind due to a data disaster. While we see these situations everyday, it is not lost on us how much this is affecting your business.


We will never get tired of bringing data back to life and seeing the relief on our customers' faces. You are not trying to be sold something, you want to talk to someone who knows data recovery.  So talk to one of our trusted experts and let your boss know you called in the pros.

Night or Day.  Rain or Shine.  We Recover Data.

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It's simple really... We Bring Data Back to Life.

When you call us, your system and data are usually dead on arrival. But we aren't here to give you a death certificate or closure like a lot of data recovery companies we see.  No, we are here to resuscitate your data so you can get back to living the way you were yesterday — making your data work for you.

Much like a doctor visit or going to the hospital, data recovery is not an especially fun experience.  While luckily, it is usually not a matter of life or death but we understand that it can certainly feel like it at times.  This is why it is our job and duty to make it as painless as possible for you from start to finish. 

We pride ourselves on good bedside manner and we know empathy and knowledge from a trusted expert is exactly what you need during this time of crisis.  You can rest assured that here at Synergy, those two things are exactly what you will always receive. 

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The security and confidentiality of your data here at Synergy Data Recovery is our top priority.  We follow very strict security protocols and are in compliance with all data protection laws and regulations.   Whether you are a medical provider worried about HIPAA compliance or a Government Contractor who needs security clearance checks on all employees who come in contact with your data and equipment along with a non-disclosure agreement, we have you covered.   We keep a full chain of custody log for your device(s) and the data on them while in our possession.   We also store any images or data on a secure offline server during the recovery process which is under lock and key 24/7.  

If you have any security concerns or compliance requests, please let us know and we will accommodate you to the best of our abilities.   We are here to help!

We Recover Data From Every Brand