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Ransomware is a malicious encryption virus that can infect your system through many different delivery methods  (e.g. malware, email etc.)    In the last two years, we have seen an incredibly significant uptick in ransomware cases and it has ruined many organizations and businesses ranging from small 'mom & pop shops' to Fortune 500 companies and everything in between.  We have also seen it affect hospitals,  courthouses and all types of government organizations from small municipalities to the Federal level. 

Plain and simple, NO ONE is safe from ransomware and it appears to only be getting worse as these criminals share their methods and tools via the dark web. Since the overwhelming majority of the attacks come from overseas, it makes it virtually impossible for our legal system to assist in any meaningful way.  First of all, do NOT blame yourself.  As stated above, it has affected every sector in the world and you are a victim of a heinous crime. 

Ransomware gets onto your storage media or cloud hosting then it encrypts all of your data making it completely useless and non-functional without an encryption key.  The data is still there but it is scrambled rendering it unreadable to your system.  We have also started to see a new type of ransomware over the last year that encrypts the entire partition making it impossible to even see the file extensions.  You have to remember that these attackers are indeed criminals and have no honor in negotiating and can dictate terms from start to finish leaving you at their mercy if you attempt to negotiate from a point of desperation.  

Given these facts, we have invested heavily in our Ransomware Specialists and their recovery methods.  We are here to help and offer a 100% free phone consultation as well as a free diagnostic evaluation to determine the best route of action to recover your data.  We also offer 24/7 Emergency Service which is frequently required for this type of case.  You obviously need to do what you feel is best for your organization or business but we highly encourage you to speak to an expert first so you have all the facts to make an informed decision.  In many cases, the attacker will tell you that "this is just business" but make no mistake this is a full fledged crime and they do not care if this interrupts your business or if you lose your data permanently.   We have seen many ransoms paid only for the attacker to ask for even more money through a 2nd payment and not provide the encryption key, ultimately leaving victims to come to us after already paying a substantial ransom making them a victim on two separate occasions.

If you have found yourself victim of a ransomware attack, call us immediately at 800.655.5686 to speak with one of our Ransomware Specialists.   Very few data recovery companies have the capability to do anything with ransomware cases and there are even some that take substantial upfront fees with no ability nor intention to recover any data. Therefore, making sure you talk to the right people is of paramount importance.  Luckily, if you are here reading this — you have come to the right place!

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  • Turn off the system immediately!  Attackers like to strike after everyone has left for the day or weekend.  This gives the virus plenty of time to reach every nook and cranny in the system encrypting each file.  Encrypting large amounts of data takes time so Friday and Saturday evenings are especially busy since most victims won't notice until Monday morning.  If you happen to catch it in mid encryption, take it offline and power down immediately to save as many files as possible.

  • Do not reach out to the attackers before having all the facts and a comprehensive understanding of your options.  Talking to them in the heat of a desperate moment is the worst thing to do since they are counting on it and prey upon that very fact.

  • Contact us immediately for a free consultation so we can give you options and a diagnostic evaluation to determine the level of damage done along with a plan of action to restore your data as quickly possible.


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  • No two ransomware attacks are the same so it is incredibly important to speak with an expert with significant experience and not look for advice from other organizations and victims that have experienced an attack since it is very likely your case will be quite different than theirs.
  • We want to get you back up and running eliminating any business interruption so you can get back to business as usual.  We offer Emergency Service 24/7/365 so in most cases we can restore data in as little as 24 hours.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help.  You are a victim and there is nothing to be embarrassed about.  This is no one's fault but the attacker, you are simply an innocent by-stander who they intend to profit from.
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