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Our process

Upon your device's arrival to our facility, we begin a thorough multi-step process to diagnose the problem and create a plan-of-action to recover your data.

This will entail an initial physical assessment to see if the device is mechanically and structurally sound.  This ensures no further damage comes to the device by just powering it up like most data recovery companies.  Data recovery companies make devices worse off everyday skipping this critical step.

If the device has physical faults, we will address them in our ISO 5 Certified Class 100 clean-room prior to ever powering the device.  If it is physically sound, we will then begin a multitude of logical diagnostic evaluations to determine the fault and how to retrieve the data. This will likely involve an imaging process to determine every file that is retrievable. 


Once a course of action is determined, the lab will calculate a quote to pass onto you along with a file list of all recoverable data.  Upon receiving the go-ahead from you to proceed, we will begin the work and extract the data onto our secure server.  Upon completion, we will then back up the data onto a new external drive (or one of your choosing) and then ship the data back to you immediately.  In some cases, depending on the amount of data, we can set up an FTP link to transfer the data electronically.


Should you wish to not proceed with the recovery for any reason, we will cease work and return the device to the condition we received it.

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Simple. No Data = No Fee. 

You won't pay a dollar for standard recovery options unless successful. GUARANTEED



Prior to moving forward with the recovery, we will provide you with a free file list for you to review and confirm we have everything you are looking for.



You will always receive a free over-the-phone evaluation with one of our experts who will answer any questions you may have and determine a course of action to restore your data.



You will be able to speak with the same expert throughout the entire process to walk you through every step of the way and answer any questions you may have.



Once your device arrives to our lab, we will immediately begin the diagnostic process to determine what needs to be done to recover the data. This is 100% free and will help us determine an exact quote.



If you decide to proceed with the recovery, we will immediately begin work and extract your data.  Upon completion, we can back the data up onto a brand new drive and send it to you next day air. 

 Three Steps to Recovery

1. Talk to an expert

Stop what you are doing and turn off the device.  Call us or fill out a contact us form to speak to an expert for an over the phone evaluation immediately.

2. Diagnostic Evaluation

Send in or drop off your device for a 100% risk free diagnostic evaluation in our state of the art lab.  We will then provide a free quote and a diagnostic report at no charge based upon our findings.

3. Recover and return data

Once we have determined a route of action and extracted your data, we will place your data on a brand new device and return it to you upon completion. In some cases, we can transfer the data to you electronically for faster turnaround.

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DIY Data Recovery is Not Recommended

Attempting data recovery internally at your business or home almost always turns a bad situation worse. 

We are trained professionals and each of our Technicians has performed work on hundreds of recycled devices prior to ever touching a client's device.  Data recovery is a fickle beast and one wrong step can make the job much more complex and in some cases, result in permanent data loss. 

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Home of data recovery's most trusted experts, where we bring your data back to life.

Everyone you speak with at Synergy from start to finish knows data recovery in and out.  You will have a dedicated Case Manager to walk you through the entire process. 

Industry leading success rate with a 'No Data No Fee' policy.  100% Risk-free diagnostic evaluation.  If you don't wish to proceed with the recovery at the quoted price for any reason at all, you don't pay a dime.

Bottom deserve the best and you have found it, don't risk your priceless data with just anybody.  Like all things in life, when something fails—call in the pros!


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