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external hard drives data recovery

External storage plays a critical role in most of our lives as a backup to our most important data.

On top of being crucial for backup purposes — they are also portable which means they are incredibly convenient for those who need to access their data on the move. 


Since the majority of external storage is standard hard-disk drives (HDD's) inside their case, it means they can be incredibly sensitive to  movement (e.g. dropped, bouncing around in travel bag etc.) And because of that, it is usually a matter of 'when' not 'if' they fail.

External solid-state-drives are becoming more common however they can become quite costly when you are in need of large storage capacity.  Whatever type of technology your drive uses or brand you have — we can help.  We have the personnel and know-how to get the job done.



External hard drives suffer many of the exact same issues as standard hard drives that are in laptop and desktop computers.  Given their portability, they also often have more wear and tear over their lifetime and more chances to encounter accidental physical damage.

  • Physical damage

  • Hardware issues

  • Liquid and water damage

  • Accidental deletion or reformat

  • Power surge

  • Broken I/O Ports

  • Malicious virus or malware

  • Corrupt data

  • Encrypted drive

  • Platter damage

We can help with all of the above issues and more.  We have the training, equipment and facilities to handle every possible data-loss-scenario from every manufacture on the planet.  Call us today to speak with one of our Data Recovery Experts.

bent hard drive recovery

DIY Data Recovery is Not Recommended

Attempting data recovery internally at your business or home almost always turns a bad situation worse. 

We are trained professionals and each of our Technicians has performed work on hundreds of recycled devices prior to ever touching a client's device.  Data recovery is a fickle beast and one wrong step can make the job much more complex and in some cases, result in permanent data loss. 

Step By Step Guide To Recovery

Talk to an expert

Stop what you are doing and turn off the device.  Call us or fill out a contact us form to speak to an expert for an over the phone evaluation immediately.

Diagnostic Evaluation

Send in or drop off your device for a 100% risk free diagnostic evaluation in our state of the art lab.  We will then provide a free quote and a diagnostic report at no charge based upon our findings.

Recover and return data

Once we have determined a route of action and extracted your data, we will place your data on a brand new device and return it to you upon completion. In some cases, we can transfer the data to you electronically for faster turnaround.

external drive data recovery

Night or Day.  Rain or Shine.  We Recover Data.

We offer 24/7 Emergency Service because disaster usually doesn't strike when it's convenient and mother nature nor failures care about business hours.

Timely recovery of your critical applications and data is what we do.  Business and operations wait for no one and it is our goal to see you not get left behind due to a data disaster. While we see these situations everyday, it is not lost on us how much this is affecting your business.


We will never get tired of bringing data back to life and seeing the relief on our customers' faces. You are not trying to be sold something, you want to talk to someone who knows data recovery.  So talk to one of our trusted experts and let your boss know you called in the pros.




Simple. No Data = No Fee. 

You won't pay a dollar for standard recovery options unless successful. GUARANTEED



Prior to moving forward with the recovery, we will provide you with a free file list for you to review and confirm we have what you are looking for.



You will always receive a free over-the-phone evaluation with one of our experts who will answer any questions you may have and determine a course of action to restore your data.



You will be able to speak with the same expert throughout the entire process to walk you through every step of the way and answer any questions you may have.



Once your device arrives to our lab, we will immediately begin the diagnostic process to determine what needs to be done to recover the data. This is 100% free and will help us determine an exact quote.



If you decide to proceed with the recovery, we will immediately begin work and extract your data.  Upon completion, we can back the data up onto a brand new drive and send it to you next day air. 


external hdd recovery

We specialize in what others deem 'unrecoverable' and impossible.

First and foremost, do not lose hope!  We love a challenge and we only see complicated jobs as a way to prove we are the best at what we do.  Most other labs see complicated work as time consuming and not profitable, so they will never spend the time and energy needed in most cases on complex work.

We invest heavily in research and development to create cutting edge recovery methods and solutions to the most extreme circumstances.  Whether you are a large business with operationally critical data that could severely impact your livelihood or you are an individual with irreplaceable memories in your photo library, we want to make sure you get what you are after.  Every single client's data is incredibly important to them and in most cases, invaluable.  Sensitive data? Check out our security and compliance procedures.

We Recover Data From Every Brand




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