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About Us

We started Synergy Data Recovery because we want to help people and their businesses bounce back quickly from catastrophic incidents of data loss.  Our staff has decades of combined experience in the data recovery industry and our leadership came from some of the largest and longest running names in the industry.  But we were tired of seeing how businesses and people alike were treated while going through an already extremely stressful incident.  Ultimately, being preyed upon because the clients are in a desperate situation and state of mind.  So we have decided to change that and try to shake up the industry, doing things a new way and correcting the market. 

We have some of the best minds in data and disaster recovery, so we have joined forces to create a 'Dream Team' of sorts.   We not only have a lab that can be matched by only one or two other outfits in the entire country, but we have the years of industry experience and know-how that we truly believe cannot be matched by ANYONE.

We are here to help YOU and our job isn't complete until we have done so.  We know when you contact us that it is not a happy time or moment for you, so we want to make it as painless as possible so you can get back to living life and running your business.  Our leadership has made this priority number one and we intend to fulfill that promise.  You will always speak to a knowledgeable member of our team when you contact us, who has been trained in the methods of data recovery.   You will not get someone in a call center who has never even seen a hard drive opened and only worked there a week or two like our biggest competitors.  In short, we invest heavily in training our staff.


You will ALWAYS have communication with an expert here while ultimately being assigned a dedicated Case Manager, not the so called 'call center experts' at some other company.  There is nothing worse in a stressful situation that your business and livelihood literally depends on than having to talk to a new person on every contact and explain your entire situation over and over reliving the stress each time repeatedly.  We are here as much or as little as you'd like us to be and your device(s) along with your data will always be treated with the upmost respect and care.


We take security very seriously and can sign a 'business associate agreement' or CDA from your legal team if you require.  Our staff is fully vetted and we have strict protocols and procedures in place to keep your data private and secure.

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Courtesy and Care


We treat every job like it is our own.

Synergy Data Recovery Logo Office

We strive to be the best at what we do and we have the experience to prove it.

Whether you are a Business Continuity Veteran that has been through the data recovery process dozens of times or a Small Business Owner who didn't know what data recovery was before today — you came to the right place.  We bring data back to life.

You will have a Dedicated Case Manager who will hold your hand through the entire process or only call when the job is done, it's up to you.  We are here as much or as little as you need.  You are the client and it's your choice but you can rest assured we are working tirelessly in the lab to get you back the data you need.

What people say

"When my company lost access to our shared folder on our server, we panicked and used the first data recovery company we came across.  Thousands of dollars later and weeks down the line, we were told that our data was unrecoverable.  We contacted Synergy that same day and within 24 hours of receiving it, they had recovered 100% of our data AND quoted us HALF what the other company did to boot.  Our IT department now has them on speed dial!"

Brock Sanders
Senior Data Scientist at Booz Allen Hamilton


Drowning in a Data Disaster?

We can throw you a lifeline 24 hours a day — 7 days a week.

Data loss can happen to even the most prepared business continuity and resilience plans around.  It never happens when convenient and certainly doesn't care about business hours.  That's where we come in, we are here to get you back to business as usual.  With our Emergency 24/7 Service, we won't rest until you have the critical data and applications you need.

We will work around the clock on nights, weekends and holidays so you can avoid interruption of business and lost opportunities.

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It's simple really... We Bring Data Back to Life.

When you call us, your system and data are usually dead on arrival. But we aren't here to give you a death certificate or closure like a lot of data recovery companies we see.  No, we are here to resuscitate your data so you can get back to living the way you were yesterday making your data work for you.

Much like a doctor visit or going to the hospital, data recovery is not a fun experience.  While luckily, it is usually not a matter of life or death but we understand that it can certainly feel like it sometimes.  This is why it is our job and duty to make it as painless as possible for you from start to finish. 

We pride ourselves on good bedside manner and we know empathy and knowledge from a trusted expert is exactly what you need during this time of crisis.  You can rest assured that here at Synergy, those two things are exactly what you will always receive. 

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We Service All 50 States

And Beyond...

We have drop-off and satellite locations throughout the entire country.  We also have jobs come in from Canada, the Caribbean and beyond on a daily basis to our main lab.  Whatever you pay to ship it, we discount from your quote.  No matter where you are, the diagnostic evaluation is always 100% risk-free at no charge and you will always be given the same level of service as if you were our neighbor. Should you decide to not proceed with the service for ANY reason, we will send your device back free of charge.  

Unfortunately, there are only a couple labs in the country that have the capability and the facilities required to do real data recovery.  98% of so-called "data recovery companies" simply forward your job to one of the few big labs in the country and mark up the cost.  We do all of our own work in-house and have jobs sent to us by other recovery companies on a daily basis. 


We are the guys they send it to when they can't do it themselves....

When you send your device to us, you can rest assured that the best minds in data recovery will be working on your hardware in world class facilities and all at a fair price.  We have dedicated specialists in every field of data recovery who have studied and trained for your specific job whether it be an enterprise level server with dozens of volumes running Hyper-V or a single HDD whose sole task is to run a simple machine. 



For IT Departments and System Administrators

Silicon Valley to Wall-Street and everything in-between.

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