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data recovery

Making Your Data Yours Again

At the end of the day, we know that all you care about is the end result.  With us, that result is your data back in your hands where it belongs.



Simple. No Data = No Fee. 

You won't pay a dollar for standard recovery options unless successful. GUARANTEED

free filelist file list data recovery


Prior to moving forward with the recovery, we will provide you with a free file list for you to review and confirm we have what you are looking for.

free data recovery consulatation


You will always receive a free over-the-phone evaluation with one of our experts who will answer any questions you may have and determine a course of action to restore your data.

data recovery expert


You will be able to speak with the same expert throughout the entire process to walk you through every step of the way and answer any questions you may have.



Once your device arrives to our lab, we will immediately begin the diagnostic process to determine what needs to be done to recover the data. This is 100% free and will help us determine an exact quote.

get your data back data file recovery


If you decide to proceed with the recovery, we will immediately begin work and extract your data.  Upon completion, we can back the data up onto a brand new drive and send it to you next day air. 


water damaged hard drive recovery

Home to data recovery's most trusted experts, we are who the other guys call when they can't get the job done.  We exist to bring data back to life.

We have recovered data from virtually every scenario that exists and even in the rarest types of failures, we have done so dozens of times over again.  We have an industry leading success rate and decades upon decades of combined experience in our lab. 


We relish the opportunity to prove the other guys wrong when another company says a device is unrecoverable.  Whether it was in a fire, submerged in water or intentionally destroyed, we have done it before. Call us now to speak to one of data recovery's most trusted experts.

Step By Step Guide To Recovery

Talk to an expert

Stop what you are doing and turn off the device immediately.  You can fill out a contact us form or call us to speak with an expert for a free consultation.  We have experts standing by waiting for your call.

Diagnostic Evaluation

Send in or drop off your device for a 100% risk free diagnostic evaluation in our state of the art lab.  We will then provide a free quote and a diagnostic report at no charge based upon our findings.

Recover and return data

Once we have determined a route of action and extracted your data, we will place your data on a brand new device and return it to you upon completion. In some cases, we can transfer the data to you electronically for faster turnaround.

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Why Choose Us?

Our Technicians have performed thousands of recoveries on virtually every type of device out there.   Whether you are a small business or a Fortune 500 company, we can handle the task.   We have seen every issue many times over again from every brand and device, whether it is a small office single drive server or an Enterprise Level SAN with dozens of off-sets and parameters totaling petabytes of data. Rest assured, we will get it done.  Literally no job is too big nor small for that matter.